Keep in mind that the Delorme PN-40 and PN-60 devices cannot unzip a zip file containing a compressed gpx file on the device.   The unzipping must be done on a Computer before copying the resultant uncompressed geocache *.gpx file onto either a PN-40 or PN-60 SD card Waypoints folder. An uncompressed gpx geocache file can also be copied into PN-60 EM_User Memory (internal)using the proprietary USB cable. PN-40 does not support gpx files in EM_User Memory.   Unzipped *.gpx files may also be "imported" as Draw files into Delorme Topo8/9/10 and saved into proprietary native file format for later transfer back out as GPX files to the PN-40/60 devices. However it is not necessary to import the geocaches into Delorme Topo apps as an intermediate step.