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any way to 'watch' a person who has a travel bug


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I did a search and nothing came up with this topic. Any way you can put a 'watch' on someone who has retrieved a travel bug from a cache to monitor where it goes. I know you get a notification if they drop it in a cache but you do not get anything if they visited or took it someplace. The reason I am asking is if they take it to places, they are more apt to drop it in a cache than if they just retrieve it and it sits in their bag or car someplace. If it is in the forum already, please point me in the right direction. thanks

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You can put the travel bug or geocoin on your watch list. Then you'll get a mail each time it is logged.

"Visited/took it to" is now on the watchlist?


Don't think 'Visits' are notified.


IF the TB is yours, it's on a 'Watchlist' anyway.

(And 'Visits' aren't notified.)

Well, we knew that. :)

- But I asked the poster, in case they didn't understand the OP's query.

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