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Central Illinois!


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Hello again, Land of Lincoln.


I was so glad to see that wadcutter found my Lincoln Sites I geocache today. It and Paul Powell's Shoebox had been sitting around since March without finders. Hey, these are fun multi-caches, folks! Rush out and hunt for them! They aren't too hard and should be pretty interesting. I know that there are geocachers running around because my Secret Camp Site geocache gets found regularly.


I'll be in the area in three weeks and I'm hoping to swap some Travel Bugs. There are a few in some Springfield geocaches right now. Cool! I'll be hunting some of the newer ones while I am there, like Capital City Cache. I'll also check on mine. So if you have a TB that wants to see Seattle, drop it off by the 13th or early the weekend of the 16th.


Keep on 'caching!





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If anyone from the central IL area hasn't logged Seth!'s caches, you really should. He does a very nice job. We'd been putting off "Lincoln Sites I" for too long. Just hadn't gotten around to it.

Did you notice my note about the plaque having been replaced?

Looks like you'll be getting to Springfield in time for the State Fair.

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Yep, I'll be there for the tail end of the state fair. I have mixed feelings about that. Normally I'd say that 1800 miles is a safe distance from it, but my son has never been to a fair so I suppose we have to go.


I was aware that the plaque was missing. There is a work-around in the cache description for that waypoint. When I am in town, I'll have another look to see how best to revise the waypoint.



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I'm gonna get it one of these days. I've been awfully busy since we bought a new house. Seems there's always something to be doing.




A man said to the Universe:

"Sir, I exist!"

"However," replied the Universe,

"The fact has not created in me

a sense of obligation." -- Stephen Crane

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