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Cache Addict Acquisition

Lookout Lisa
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We want to post a note here on the coin forums to introduce ourselves: I'm the owner of Cache Advance; last spring we acquired Cache Addict LLC, an innovator and trendsetter in trackable geocaching products.


We will continue with any customer service questions and needs for any trackables that Cache Addict had produced. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any activation codes or other assistance. This includes any previous coins and tags minted by Cache Addict, Cachekinz and Technology Tags.


We've been in the geocaching business for over 9 years, and we look forward to making many more caching friends!


Happy caching,

Lisa aka Lookout Lisa

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Same question - re-opened ... ;)


So tell us more about new geocoins in your future ...


and will you be announcing new geocoins here in the Geocoin Forum ??


(Inquiring coiners need to know)

Yes we do plan to announce new coins and other trackables as we release them, thanks for asking. We're not used to being able to post our merchandise here except for our trackable decals (and that was a long time ago!), so we are open to additional advice on how to best make these announcements. Thanks!

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Welcome... and thanks for posting here, not all of us are on FB.


We had a long a fun relationship with Mike from Cache Addict. Hoping we can continue that well into the future... we wish you success :)

We really enjoyed working with Mike over the years too, and we are continuing to collaborate with him on projects and to carry on most of Cache Addicts trackables. Thanks!

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