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Bodies in/near Indiana

Walkin Stick
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and so I says to myself... Self, I says... who gets out and sees more of the countryside than anyone else you know? And my self responds back to me... oooh, oooh, I know.... how about the geocachers?!?!?


Anyways... Keep your eyes out for the following area where two kids removed from their home in New Hampshire may be buried...




Authorities searching for two missing New Hampshire children were focusing efforts on the 190-mile long strip of Interstate 80 stretching from the Ohio-Indiana border to Joliet, Illinois.


The FBI said investigators were searching for a rural, grassy area that could be located up to 10 miles on either side of Interstate 80. Details about the site the FBI is searching for in the Midwest include:


Five or six cement cylinders standing on end, approximately 4 feet in diameter and height.


A 6-foot fence with a rectangular pattern in the immediate area


A mound of gray or white rocks that would be used in drainage applications.


An old-fashioned silver and green hand-lever water pump.


An irregular cement slab, 4 or 5 feet in diameter, on the ground.


Several large shade trees, similar to willows with limbs extending to the ground.


A nearby eroding embankment.


A tan or yellow building within view of the site.


Additionally, Jay Fallon, FBI supervisor in New Hampshire, released the following information about the approach to the site:


Exit I-80 westbound and make a right turn at the end of the exit onto a two-lane paved roadway, one lane each way. Take another right turn onto another two-lane roadway."


Fallon said the road may run parallel to I-80 and "has a yellow line down the middle, which may have a dotted yellow line."


To the right off this roadway is an opening in tall grass. The grass may be 3 to 4 feet tall, green at the bottom, tan or brown at the top, with seeds at the top."


There is a downhill slope from the roadway, then an uphill slope to the opening in the grass, Fallon said.


The grass may be "somewhat matted down" from other vehicles traveling through it in the past, Fallon said.



While the above information is available from many sources, to protect Jeremy, et al from copyright concerns, I'll admit that this was cut/pasted from the CNN website.

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The makin's of a nightmare!


I've been tramping in the woods and canoeing all my life. And most of it I've had the awful feeling that someday I'll stumble onto a body.


============="If it feels good...do it"==============


**(the other 9 out of 10 voices in my head say: "Don't do it.")



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I'm hoping the description comes from a videotape rather than from some waste-of-oxygen "psychic."


But there aren't that many exits from I-80 in Indiana that end on a 2-lane road. Heck, there aren't that many exits from I-80 at all in Indiana; it's a toll highway, so the cost of building an exit has to include paying people to staff it. It seems like a brute-force search wouldn't take all that long.


It's unfortunate that they don't have further details on the structure of the exit, or on which compass direction a "right turn" corresponds to; does the route go over or under I-80 after the right turn?



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LaPorte exit and I believe Michigan City exit are both 2 lane roads after you leave I-80. I believe all the exits in Illinois are 4 lane or more.


Maps?!? I don't need no stinking maps! I got coordinates!


There's a fine line between Geocaching and mental illness, I just not sure which side of the line I'm on!

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So are Howe, Middlebury, and Bristol. Mishawaka is, as well, but I don't think it really qualifies as rural.


Also, there's the no-man's-land exit (SR 49) between Eastgate and the Ohio Turnpike. It's technically in Ohio, but not by much. A right turn from there would take you to a T at US 20 not far from the highway, and another right turn would take you back east into Ohio in a decidedly rural setting. Also, depending on how money-conscious the guy was, it's worth noting that there's no toll booth at that exit, so there's no penalty for leaving the highway and then getting back on.



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Sorry Renegade but not something a psychic would come up with. I read about this description in the paper here in Green Bay. I used to live in Goshen and still seem to think that the place described is around Bristol or Middlebury even though the authorities are checking leads.


P.S. don't forget that when getting off at the county road 17 exit if you go north, you go onto a two lane road.

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Heck, I LIVE within 10 miles of the 80/90 toll road and yeah, it kinda freaked me out when they were seaching our county. It does exit onto a two lane road here (Howe) but none of the other things seem to fit. I know this county pretty well and nothing of the description rings a bell except the two-lane.


My other thought, how out-of-your-mind do you have to be to not only murder your children, but not even remember what STATE you buried them in?! I hope they're found, if for no other reason than they deserve a proper burial. Too sad.


GeoMedic - team leader of GeoStars


Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect.

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While I didn't find a human body, I recently found the remains of what appeared to be a small dog.


There were a couple bones right next to the cache and I was plodding around in the immediate area and located a skull and some various other bones.


The bones were COMPLETELY picked clean. Not a single piece of meat, hair, etc.


It wasn't exactly heart warming to see and I could see a small child geocaching with their parents being startled.


Silent Bob



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Originally posted by Marsha and Silent Bob:

It wasn't exactly heart warming to see and I could see a small child geocaching with their parents being startled.


I have run across a number of deer, wolf, bird, etc. Not to sound heartles, but it's a reality and I am sure there are some life lessons in there.


Muck around the woods as I did as a kid and now as a Scoutmaster and Geocacher, your bound to see nature in all it's glory.


Baloo - N9SSG

"HAM AND EGGS -- A day's work for a chicken, a lifetime commitment for a pig."

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I haven't been following this story. Are they still looking for the bodies??


I read the list above a few months ago. Yesterday I was looking for a cache and I saw a green lever water pump, a concrete slab.... and nearby a mound of white rocks.


This thread cliced in my mind and I the hair bristled on the back of my neck as I began to wonder..., "what if??"


Then it got really wierd. I found a child's jacket among some tall grass. (although it looked like it had been there for a few years -- not months).


Now I see I was about 40 miles futher north than the search area posted here. None of the other details match up either.


Still... when you deep in the woods your imagination can run wild.


Jolly R. Blackburn


"Never declare war on a man who buys his ink by the gallon."

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any caches near here ??


Body Found Floating In The Maumee River

(Fort Wayne, IN)--Fort Wayne police are still putting together the pieces of a Sunday evening death investigation. Officials have not yet identified the body of a man that was found floating in the Maumee River. Police say two fishermen found the body on the Maumee’s north bank near Pemberton and Niagara streets around 5:30 Sunday evening. No other details have been released. (Edited by Paula Hinton)

Edited by Buddaman
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