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Surface 2 with Garmin ETrex20

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Today I purchased a Microsoft Surface 2 for the sole purpose of being able to travel and use it with my Garmin ETrex20. I got it because it has a USB port to connect my GPS. I tried to load caches, but the plug-in does not download. Can anyone tell me how I can get this to work? If it will not I need to return the Surface 2.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Mysticus,


If I'm not mistaken, I believe the Microsoft Surface (1,2, and 3) does not run the full version of Windows 8.1, but a limited one called, Windows RT 8.1. This limited version only allows certain apps to actually run on the system. However, if you were to purchase something like the Acer T100 tablet, this runs the full Windows 8.1 and will work just like a regular laptop.


So...I highly doubt you will be able to run your eTrex 20 with it :( But maybe I'm wrong...


Hope that helps.

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The pro series is a windows 8.1 machine. It does not run apps it runs programs the same as a desktop. You could have very easily with the not pro downloaded a pq to the tablet and then after connecting the eTrex download it to that. With the Pro you could run GSAK just like a regular computer. Unless you need a full blown computer the tablet will handle the downloads. You won't be able to do all the manipulation like you could if you had GSAK but it should do fine.


You can also upload your finds (or not finds) file to the website using the tablet.

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