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Why changed tag for mystery caches?


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That element, by definition in the Groundspeak extensions to the schema, was unbounded. That means it could count contain *any* string.


Ah okay. I admit I did not look into the DTD/Schema (those make my head hurt, most of the time), so I was not sure if this was an enumerated field (for those not as deep in the know: like HTML '<form action="get">', the “action” attribute can only be get or post but not potato) or just a string field.


Even if it was just a string field, though, I'm happy that (apparently) people notice it breaks other users of this format and revert the change.

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The larger-scope fix will be to revive efforts to update the GPX schema. This work was largely completed a year and a half ago, but was mothballed for various reasons in favor of the API. It is clear that GPX is still a much-needed tool to the community, though, and so those of us on the product team would like to see the updated schema rolled out that will included much-desired benefits such as inclusion of favorite points, PMO status, et al.

This is very good news indeed. I've been waiting for those items to be included in the GPX for a log time. :)


Since I do not have an API key, pocket queries is the only way to get information into my various programs.


When the numeric cache-type IDs are implemented, I would suggest that a different value be used for those caches where the user has entered corrected coordinates versus ones where the user had not solved the puzzle.

Reusing a field for two purposes is bad design and a bad idea. More likely corrected coordinates would get a boolean flag and the (hopefully) both the corrected and original coordinates would be included.

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Please don't bump the GPX version number. Your GPSr has a problem. Mine does not: it recognizes "Mystery Cache" as a synonym for "Unknown Cache". If you bumped the GPX version number even though no substantial change was made to the GPX schema, it will probably cause me a problem I don't currently have.

Don't worry. You can already pick what "GPX Version" you want in your account details page. Any future (planned) changes to the GPX will just add another version to that list. If you don't change that setting you'll still get the same old GPX format.


Just for clarification it's not the GPX Version that would change but the Groundspeak GPX Extensions Version. The website mistakenly calls it GPX Version. Topographix is the company that defines the GPX Version. They've defined a new version but pretty much nobody uses it.

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