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Driving from Cincinnati to Detroit


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Originally posted by rally180:

I am driving from Cincinnati to Detroit along I-75 this Saturday. .... If anyone knows of any caches along I75, I would appreciate it.


I drive on a regular basis between Detroit and Cincinnati. I was born in Cincinnati but live in Detroit. My mom still lives in N. Kentucky.


Happy Trailsis just off I-75 S of Dayton.

Where's my Teddy Bear? was a no find near Lima.

Gone Fishin' was also a no find near Lima

Across the Universe is only 10 miles I-75 near Lima (it's in Ada) and is an easy find and you don't have to retrace your route to get back on I-75.

I-75 and Rt. 6 near Bowling Green is almost too close. It may be harder to find if there's snow on the ground.

Power Lady is just across the border into Michigan and only a mile off I-75.

Those are a few of the ones I've done along that route. I post more as I think of them. I'm going to do an I-75 cache webpage "real soon now".


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there's plenty in Ann Arbor if you take 23 up from Toledo to Ann Arbor... There's one in Dundee, MI that's fairly new (Tamarack cache), and right off the highway, haven't been there yet. I think New Life Hill a farther south is near an exit.. I've been to that one, a quick find but I wasn't overly impressed.


There's several caches right around the 23/94 interchange... sorry, haven't been to any of those yet, to report on conditions...


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Actually, here is a really good one that is right off of I-75. The location is cool and very unique, the cache container is big, and you get an excellent view of Lake Erie and turtle island:




Hmm, upon review it appears that there is one no-show. Heck, even if it's gone, it's still worth the trip.


You can also try for my MDS Cache up on Windsor...

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