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Geocachers from Croatia


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Hello geocachers from Croatia,


we placed a box between Senj and Zadar.

Because we don't live in Croatia, we search

a geocacher who would take care of the cache,

if there will be problems.

We think, that the reviewers will know a nickname

from a cacher of Croatia.


Perhaps someone can help us.



LosMosquitos from Germany

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can you be more specific about the location? I mean, there are almost 200km and more than 2 hours drive between Senj and Zadar.

Unfortunately, we don't have many geocachers (yet) in Croatia, and most of those are located in the capital (Zagreb), or in the northern part of the state. The reviewer tolerates placing of the cache by the tourists, if they come regularly to the same spot. Otherwise, we wouldn't have much caches in the coastal part of Croatia.

If you don't come regularly (i.e. every summer) to the same city, you can put my name as a reference (for the reviewer), although I don't go there much. However, if the cache disappears, I wouldn't be able to replace it, but will try to find somebody who can.

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