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The Littlest Cachers

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Simply because I like to show off my grandkids :D


Mini-Hiker#1 finds her first cache at 3 days old.



Mini-Hiker#1 on the trail with Grandma at 10 months old.



In charge of the GPS at one year old.



Finding our 800th cache last weekend - 2 and a half years old!


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Mini-Hiker#2 with her first traveller at one day old.



Mini-Hiker#2 has her first cache find at 3 weeks old (the weather had been lousy!)



Sleeping while we search for a fake rock at 6 months old.



Hands-on caching at one year old.


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I'm surprised this topic isn't more popular.


Here are some I have of the grandkids.


Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Here's one of my wife and son finding a cache on the way back from Howe's Cavern.





This is one about a 1/2 hour later after being caught in a sudden squall, while caching.




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Our little cacher is 3 and has found 1 of our so far 11 finds before mom or dad and that cache was our first ever attempted cache. Here he is having an all important snack break in between the couple of caches we were hunting.


post-5746452-033534400 1446095029_thumb.jpg

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Bump. Another thread I thought would see more action. 

The grandkids have grown since I last posted in 2014.



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