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Archived Caches

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One reason that archived caches are not-so-easily searchable is that goodly numbers of them have been archived for trespassing/permission issues.


To leave them easily searchable... it would only re-ignite flames of past problems. Allowing folks to search up these things easily could put quite a few at risk -- of lawsuits, arrest or even injury. Groundspeak probably has lots of lawyers, do you?


Best method of keeping unwitting people from risk: don't leave archived caches easily searchable.

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No problem at all, easy to,do. Go to project-GC and follow the steps there.


Not entirely straightforward, but certainly possible. I'll expand to explain how:


Firstly link your account here to Project GC - just go there Authenticate it. Then go to Map Compare and create a map - select just you as a user and your country. Then filter on: home location - and however many km you want to go out from that and then you need to filter on Disabled/Archived caches as well.


This will show you all of the caches, but the archived ones are clear on the map. Note that you might find caches are covered on the map if they've been replaces by a second cache at exactly the same co-ordinates.

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