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Monterra software version 2.90

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Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.90:


Version 2.90_1.20

- Added support for shaped routes created in BaseCamp

- Added 'search near city' to 'Where To?' menu

- Improved demo mode behavior

- Improved map browsing behavior

- Improved performance of Route Manager

- Improved handling of certain routing avoidances

* After installing this update, routing avoidances will be reset to defaults

- Fixed not displaying general route calculation errors

- Fixed city search not searching all installed maps

- Fixed British Grid coordinates only showing 9 digits

- Fixed black track logs appearing as cyan

- Fixed time zones not updating correctly with Daylight Saving Time

- Fixed some addresses having incorrect positions on map

- Fixed not respecting rotation lock in powered mount

- Fixed screen timeout inconsistencies

- Fixed Gallery app instability when sorting by location

- Fixed translation issues

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After this update I am having an issue with Routing Avoidance. I have gone back into the settings and check to avoid toll roads but it still takes me on a toll road to get to my destination. I have 2014.40 maps installed. Any suggestions? Or an email as to where to report this? It will not avoid the Ohio Turnpike which run east and west through northern Ohio. My Montana does avoid it with the same map version. However my Nuvi 3597 does NOT avoid it.

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