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Which Great Britain Topo Map do you recommend?

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It is so easy in Germany. Garmin offers only one Topo Map of Germany.


But looking at Britain I'm a bit confused which Topo Map might be the best.

There is the Garmin Topo Great Britain, but what is with the Garmin GB Discoverer with Ordnance Survey Maps?

Ordnance Survey Maps I know as paper version and they were very useful.

But is the GPS version just as good?

Maybe free maps don't make much difference to Garmin stuff?

Is the Basic ST-Map good enough?


So far Garmin's City Navigator did work quite well, but planning a summer holiday in the Highlands of Scotland is a bit different.


What do you use? What would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your answers. The GPS is a 64ST

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I've done some screen shots of the Garmin topo maps, Garmin OS GB Discoverer (both of which are quite expensive) and Talky Toasters Open Street maps. You can see the differences between them. The OS maps are excellent and I think the best in terms of features shown. But they are expensive and you can't zoom in too far because they go 'fuzzy'. No much good for towns. TT's OSM maps are much better for towns etc. I use both on my Oregon and switch between them as needed.





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