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Oregon 6xx Routing Question

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As my Oregon 600 and I are getting used to each other, I’ve been generally pleased but ran into a problem once I put the Garmin 24K routable topo maps in it. I had routing set to ‘Hiking’ (and ‘Lock on Road’ set to ‘No’) when I was geocaching and found that it wanted to track me to streets as if I had it set to ‘Automobile Driving’. It not only wanted me to follow the streets but when nearing the hide, the compass would point to a nearby street instead of the cache. Not good.


I looked for a way to turn routing off and didn’t find such a choice. What I did find under the routing menu was ‘Direct Routing’ which seems to do what I want. It gives me an ‘as the crow flies’ direction to the cache.


My question is: Am I doing this right? Is this how the 600 should be set for caching?

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The hiking routing puts you on some sort of path/roadway so what you see is correct. If access is legal for a ped it will use it. Whether or not a user feels it is safe is not part of the program. Personally most of those routing options seem somewhat overkill. I stick to direct, auto and bicycling which seems to meet my needs.

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When Geocaching the only setting for routing should be "Direct Route". In a perfect world the unit would switch to direct when we got close enough to the cache but it doesn't always work out. There are about three threads that seem to be dealing with the same general hangup and this is it. Direct Routing, direct routing, direct routing.

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