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You met a Lackey? Let's collect these pictures!

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I've been spoiled, living near the Lily Pad, and being a volunteer. I see Lackeys several times a year. But at the same time, that means I don't get as many posing pics with them, and sometimes I think that I should. Most of my posing pics are old.


Nate, me, and Jeremy in 2006 (8 years ago!):




Had to post this pic of CathyH, too cute not to (at an event in 2006):




ODragon, Moun10Bike, wimseyguy, and me (2006):




Me and Raine in 2007 at the Ape cache:




Koko (the first Signal artist), in 2007:




Me and MissJenn in 2007:



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...Had to post this pic of CathyH, too cute not to (at an event in 2006)...


Really cute :grin:



Me and Jeremy in Ulm 2011 (Mega-Event)



Eating pizza with Sean at the Mega-Event in Austria 2011



Met Eric in Austria 2013



Me and Raine at Projekt Eck in Koblenz 2013 (great Mega)



Me and Bryan at Prag last year.

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Bryan in the dunk tank at a Block Party:




Loved the shirts they were wearing that year, here's Bryan's:




My husband, all41, talking with Moun10Bike at Geowoodstock:



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Flying Jeremy at "Geo Games" Mega-Event in Leipzig 2012



Ben and Jeremy having fun!

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A couple of years ago (can't believe it's been that long!), I was invited to be the reviewer in Groundspeak's "Hiding a Geocache" video:



I realized that I'm not the best person to film - I couldn't stop laughing. We did a million takes for my tiny little part.


Here are some behind the scenes pictures:




Me, Derek, Bethany, (I can't remember her name!), and Reid. We crammed ourselves into this teeny room to film my part. You can see that I'm (of course) laughing.





Me, Derek, and Bethany, laughing too much.





Being silly.





Love this picture of Bethany and me at Signal Cafe!


Sadly to say, out of all these pictures, I think that Reid is the only one still working at Groundspeak. I miss having them around.

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