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Geocaching in Brazil during the World Cup

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Hello! We are heading to Brazil June 2-July 8 for both some World Cup fun and lots of Geocaching in what will become our most southern find. We have some trackables to share and one from Holland that after visiting football stadiums wishes to return home-we'd love to find a Geocacher to Find it and take it home.

We live in Spain but previously lived in the UK and USA would love to meet up with as many Geocachers as is possible.

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Hi there!


I live in São Paulo... I always make my description in Portuguese and English so that tourist like you can understand the cache but you´ll see that not all are in both languages.


You are more than welcome in Brazil just don´t do night geocaching, is dangerous in most areas.


Keen to see you around here!

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Hi Moss2s,


We will be glad to receive you here in São Paulo.

What to you think of arranging a meeting here where we could get together and talk about geocaching, show and see TBs and GCs, etc.

We are a group of Brazilian geocachers that are allways promoting meetings and trying to help our beloved game down here.


Please let us know when you will be here in São Paulo ( and have a couple of hours ) so we can create a meeting at the Ibirapuera Park or some other place.


Best regards,


Carlos Moura

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Hello, moss2s!


We can organize an event here at Manaus, so you can meet the cachers of the Amazonas Geocaching Team.


Uh, and you can hunt some caches, watch some games, and be presented to the wonders of the rainforest!




Everton (eran-)

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