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Geocaching for iPhone 6.2 Release Notes

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Let’s all welcome the full-featured Geocaching App for iOS to 2014. We’ve added a refreshed look to match iOS7, plus some fancy new features to make your geocaching experience even better.


- Trackable map – Follow your trackables on a map as they move from geocache to geocache around the world.


- Search by geocache hider – Find geocaches by your favorite hiders from the Advanced Search section.


- GC Code Search – Already know the GC code for the geocache you want to find? Just type it into the search box.


- Adding Catalan and Polish language support


And of course, a hefty round of bug fixes

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I have explored the App over the past two days, and I like most everything. The only thing I find difficult is there is too much white and not enough contrast, which makes reading the screens a little more difficult. After awhile, it hurts my eyes.


A feature I would like to see employed in the next update is a direct way to get to the Geocaching.com website. In the last version and this version, users must select a cache, then the three dots in upper right corner, then choose open this cache in Geocaching.com. Why I think touching the word Geocaching and going directly to the website view, for example, above user avatar and geonick, would be beneficial is: I have a bookmark list of a Challenge that requires cachers to find 50 of the oldest 113 active caches in my state. Since these caches are spread throughout, I like to get to the bookmark list of these caches when I am in a cache's neighborhood. To get to my list, I just pick any cache, click on it, click the upper right three dots, choose the open in Geocaching.com, and then I ignore the cache and get to the Lists, instead. Another reason I think this would be convenient is logging Virtuals and Earthcaches, for example. I found a Virtual, 4/29/14, but I had to go through the steps to open the cache on the website so I could contact the CO letting them know the answer to their requirement to be able to log the Virtual as found. A last example is, I opened a cache in my Saved offline lists that I did not plan on finding, but I wanted to get to the website, because something I saw today in caching caused me to want to purchase something from GC.com. I used the cache, went through the steps, and made it to the website link I wanted.


When I have the luxury of planning my trips and knowing which caches I want to find/purchases I want to make, this doesn't seem to be as much of an inconvenience, but when I discover that I am going to be in a place where I had little or no time to plan, getting to the full features of the website more efficiently is really beneficial.

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Nice update. I love the app! :)


I also noticed that the problem with the additionals waypoints is solved. In former versions I found caches with additional waypoints with information or questions and the text of them was not fully to read as sometimes it was covered by the next additional waypointinformation.

Now I can see them all properly and also the order of the waypoints is chronological :)


But I agree as mentioned above that in textscreens there is too much white and not enough contrast, which makes reading the screens a little more difficult. Specially outdoor with the sun shining.


I still miss the option to increase the font size by spreading your fingers on the screen of your smartphone, or as an optional setting. Now the letters and numbers are pretty small to read.

And the option to turn the device, also to improve reading.

I hope this can be included in a future update.


Next it would be nice if you can refresh a whole saved list of caches instead of refreshing one by one.


But in the meanwhile I like the app very much and use it often.

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Loving the new update. Particularly that "Open in External Map" no longer kicks one out to Safari, but instead pops it over to Apple Maps. This means I can invoke driving directions to the cache on my iPhone. Very, very handy.

I do have one request though, and that would be to enable us to send the Additional / Child Waypoints to the External Map as well. This way I can route to the Parking or Trailhead in Apple Maps.


This would have come in very handy this past weekend on the BT Hike Event, as I had one heck of a time getting the information to route to the "End Parking" 36km away from the start point.

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I would really like to see solved puzzles display at their corrected coordinates, and not at their original wrong coords. It would make it easier for me to know if I've found a solved puzzle and to know when you're in an area where a puzzle really is, to feel able to plan the smiley pickup.

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I will assume that this is the update that I just did on my iPhone4, which unfortunately is not big enough to put iOS7 on.


I lost one feature, which was the ability for the compass to actually swing North. I am back to physically holding the phone to line up with a road or other dominate feature, then figure out which direction I need to trudge off in to get to the cache.


On the flip side, if someone knows why this is happening and how to reset it so the map/compass will swing again, I would be eternally grateful (and likely to go hide a cache in your honor for saving me!). All offers involving a new phone (unless you are sending it to me free) do not qualify. :D

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I have IPhone 5 and I cannot rotate map to N anymore either--and not happy about that. The direction of the cache is always to the right of me and I go in circles trying to get closer. Last attempt I was walking in opposite direction of the guide. I would like a fix a well.

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Good app, but I'd love to be able to change the date of my finds. It seems for me that about 17hours of each day if gives me the wrong date on my finds. Didn't have this problem with android & c:geo, which was a free app.

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