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Hey there, cachers in Croatia, esp. eastern Slavonia!


Sorry for writing in English in this part of the forum, but my Croatian is not that good that I should write here in your native language.


I come to the region of Osijek about three times a year and also met some cachers here. The community is small but really active. As far as I heart the only way to buy trackables and other GC things is at events abroad.


If you are interested, I can order items in Germany from one of our shops and bring them with me to Osijek, as long as they fit into my suitcase. If my flight is going over Zagreb, this offer is also to all the cachers in this area; I will know a few weeks before travelling.


For Osijek I would announce an event for picking up the items (and surely not only for that).


Of cause I don’t like to make any money on that. You’ll just pay what it cost me.


If you are interested, let me know. I will be back in Osijek some when around August.


Kind regards


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Hey there, Matko i Maja! It would be a pleasure to meet, when I’m in Osijek next time. Let’s do so, I will just give you a small personal notice, when it will happen.


Additional: For everyone who is interested - I will order neodym-magnets (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neodymium_magnet) some when during the next months. They are really nice permanent magnets. Each can carry about 1.000 times of its own weight. So a magnet in the size of 50 Lipas is ideal for some caches up to 300ml. Glue it into the box and it rarely will got lost in cause of falling down. One magnet will cost ca. 10 to 20ct (that’s somewhat around 1 Kuna).

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Hey there, I guess, I will be in Osijek between the 18th and 26th of August. Some very "urgent" deliverys were made by snailmail before, but chance is good, if you have a need for something.


As soon as I know if I will take my route over Zagreb, I will post it here (even to meet some cachers in Zagreb, which just would be great!).


Slavonian cachers, if you have a need for something, just contact me over my profile.




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If anyone wants to order something more, please contact me until Wednesday, 6th of August. Then I have to place the order.


Sadly there are no more Croatian Micro GeoCoins left on the european market. I will ask the producer, if they will make any more of them and if we could get a greater amount for a good price.

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