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Ipad / Ipod touch

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I'm try to use the free app with an ipad tablet and an ipod touch. It seems to be working then everything freezes. I also get a message on each device saying To turn off airplane mode. Airplane mode was off on both devices. Then things start working again. I was driving and the compass would work but the map would not update. Very discouraging. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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An ipod touch does not have a GPS receiver, it uses Wifi so it will only work if you are in range of a Wifi signal, so while the app may work very well at home as soon as you loose the internet it stops working.


Some ipads have GPS capabilities and others do not, you would have to do the research to find out which ones they are. We have an ipad but it uses 3G service so if we are in phone signal range it works, if not the screen freezes and we have to wait till we are back in range again.

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