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Designing... and producing a geocoin.

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The portuguese geocaching community started to mint annual geocoins since 2006... first, from the motivation of few geocachers, but later, with design contests in the foruns, where every user can suggest ideas, drawings, whatever... until a final election to choose the official portuguese geocoin of a given year.


In 2008 I won that year's contest with a geocoin dedicated to Fado, our national song, later considered World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.




During the contest and the designing process, some changes were made, so in the back of the coin, I placed a verse from Gente da Minha Terra, a song made famous by Mariza... and I had to use only 6 strings on the portuguese guitar, but in fact they are 12.


This geocoin was minted in gold and cooper versions.

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In 2008, a friend geocacher asked my help to design a geocoin dedicated to the Algarve, portuguese main touristic area, in the south shore on the country, facing North Africa.


The research for the design elements, focused on the Algarve specificities, such as, the shape of the province, the sun, the traditional algarvian chimneys, almond blossom and the coat of arms on the national flag.




This geo coin was minted in gold and silver platings.

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For the 2009 portuguese geocoin contest, I presented a project based on the pavement in front of the Padrão dos Descobrimentos in Lisbon.

That same year, Madeira suffered big floods that killed people and destroyed large areas of the island, so after the defeat of this project in the final election for the official geocoin, I made some changes to produce a geocoin where 10% of the price would be handed to help Madeira.

The shape of the island gained more space on the geocoin, with the region's flag, it was inserted also a text related to the reconstruction.




This geocoin was minted in gold and copper.

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Proceeding with the presentation of some portuguese geocoin contests, in 2011 I won with a project that uses inspiration on the rose window of Igreja da Graça (church of the Grace) in Santarém.

Built between the 14th and 15th centuries in gothic style. Has a magnificent main portal and rose window, unique in the world, carved out of a single stone.

The colours applied on the geocoin are a creative option, but I kept the central area of the geocoin like a see-trough glass window.




This geocoin was minted in 7 platings.

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Naturally, almost all the geocoins are made by... geocachers. :)


Since 2007 I already designed around 10 geocoins, and now I have 3 new projects in different stages.

Açores (azores) Geocoin, must arrive next week.

Kelux Spring Geocoin in production.

A new brazilian full 3D geocoin that I am waiting for quotation yet... really excited about it. :)


You can see some of the old projects in the first posts of this topic.


First we need an idea... even only abstract.

If we don't have any design habilities, most of the webstores and minting factories will provide it.

I always use Adobe Illustrator for the vectorial design and Adobe Photoshop if I need to use images.

After Geocaching HQ approval (most of the times, it is enough to have "Track at www.geocaching.com", to be approved), We must consider all the related costs (tracking codes, icon, molds, samples, shipping, etc.).

Paying in advance or "crowdfunding" the production?


The anguish waiting... waiting for the full happiness... and again the anguish of all the delivery.


Take a big breathe... until the next project. :D

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After designing and producing some of the last years portuguese geocoins, I moved to the huge Amazonas state in Brazil, placing the first caches in Manaus, trying to give a push to the geocaching in one of the biggest countries in the world.


With the soccer world championship 2014 and the 2016 olympics in Rio, this is the "brazilian era".


So I decided to design the first brazilian geocoin, based on the jungle flora and fauna. The main theme of the geocoin is a macaw (arara), that sometimes we can see flying in pairs, on the amazon sky, with the most astonishing colours.

The geocoin shape is based on a banana tree leaf. The most beautiful detail is the gem on the macaw eye.


“Welcome to Brazil!!”




This geocoin was minted in 5 platings.

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Hum... USA IDK about contests but I’ve designed a few coins, tags and etc. ? Flatouts Designs (but not taking on projects at the moment)


If I were to sugest a US Designer it would Christian Mackey, Aura Design Group.  If you’re going to spend the money you might as well get the best. 


Love your work also. ??

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