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Geocaching, photography... and animals.

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I caught a rare dragon one day:



He was facing off against a mortal enemy:





In all seriousness, I don't catch many animal photos while caching...but I have a few, like a rabbit:



a caterpillar:






my dog:






an emu:



a deer:



and even a rat:






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Blue tongue lizard. I rescued it. I was searching for a cache and came upon this lizard stuck tightly in chicken wire in a fence. It had given up and was hanging limp. I poked it and it moved, so I cut the wire and lifted it through. My reward, it's stuck its tongue out at me and hissed ?. (Obviously objected to having its photograph taken ?.) I found the cache too.GC6YJ9X Between Launceston and Swansea in Tasmania.

Blue tongue lizard.jpg

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Taken while walking the CCT - S3 series of caches (there are a lot of them, so not sure which was the closest to the snake sighting - this is one in the series GC69J5F) in north-west Australian Capital Territory (ACT). My caching companion yelled 'snake' and then the snake slithered across in front of us. No aggression; just passing. After I had got the squeak out and jumped backwards, I got myself together and thought photo opportunity and pulled out my camera and went after the snake to take this photo. Probably one of these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_brown_snake The second most venomous in the world apparently.

The snake skin was found at GC64ZPF. Possibly the same type of snake as the live example.

I didn't find the cache that day. My excuse is I was too busy looking about for the contents of the skin; and I'm sticking to that :rolleyes:. I returned another day and made the find. I brought the skin home. I figure my great-nephew might like it for show and tell at school one day. I would have liked it for that. (Pleased the contents didn't turn up.) Where the snake's head and eyes used to be can be seen in the skin at the bottom. Very good specimen.


Snake skin.jpg

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Spiders, gah.  I almost walked into one with my face on a recent hike.  It was hanging by its thread right in the middle of the trail.  Very well camouflaged until it's an inch from your face - emergency stop!


Speaking of recent hikes...  Korea has mountain cats.  This is atop Seoul's highest mountain, where there were half a dozen cats hanging around, not to mention dozens of people.



Clearly someone brings up food and water for the cats.  On another hike, another day, I followed a cat into its bunker.  (Korea keeps pillboxes in good repair and ready, just in case.)  Inside I found two dishes, one with water, one with dry cat food, good, just what I was hoping to see.

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I've heard of white black bears, apparently rare, but never knew there are also white grizzly bears.  Until one, along with its more normal sibling, walked right past the mountain hut where I was staying, just a few steps away from this cache.  Last Saturday.






Normally I have a rule: never photograph bears; it gets in the way of promptly leaving the area.  But this was one step from the door of the hut.  ;)  We'd all have jammed through it simultaneously if we had to.  :lol:

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