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User Insights Forum Guidelines

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In an effort to include the community as a more active voice in product design we are trying out a new customer feedback process. As the Product Team breaks apart various projects we want to get insight from the community to help inform design on future features for the site and apps.


Things to keep in mind with each discussion:

  • We know that there are many other topics that are incredibly important to the community and deserve discussions as well. Each of the posted topics in this forum are specific inquiries that the Product Team is asking for targeted insight on right now.
  • For effectiveness and ease of compiling this information, please keep the conversation on topic and constructive. Any off-topic posts will be removed.
  • We believe that magic happens when a group of smart people come together and bounce ideas off of each other. This can look like MANY things...someone shares an idea, someone else adds to it, someone else tweaks aspects of it. Give an idea the freedom to grow. No idea is bad.
  • Let’s respect all participants’ opinions, as we all live in different parts of the world and have different, valuable experience with the game. This forum will be regarded as a safe place to share ideas. Any posting behavior that violates the Forum Guidelines will result in an immediate posting suspension (this is the official warning) for the remaining length of the User Insights topic.
  • We recognize that not all players enjoy geocaching using our products. We know that there is valuable information in hearing about your experience on other websites or apps, so in the User Insights forum ONLY participants may constructively discuss their experience with other geocaching products and how they improve your geocaching experience.
  • Feel free to dream! We are interested in how you use the site/apps now and how you would love to use them in the future. Focus on the problem to be solved and let a solution organically develop out of the issues you identify. Again, no idea is bad.
  • If you already are an experienced user, please consider stepping into the shoes of someone that is new to geocaching, as well. This is thinking like a member of the Product Team - all levels of play need to be considered when designing new features.
  • Each topic will be open for only a specific amount of time, as noted in its original post. Time periods may vary. Once the specified time has passed, the topic will be closed so that the Product Team can focus on gathering information for the next project.
  • Although the final version of a feature may not replicate information from these discussions, please know that you are an important part of the process. We are asking you for your input because we are truly interested in your point of view.

Thanks for taking the time to share your valuable thoughts with us.

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