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may the forest be with you

Mystical GreenMan

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OOh My Goodness, I was able to go out yesterday after traveling 4 hours to see my dwarfism doctor in Madison. He was very happy to see me and said I look the best he is ever seen me from the first time, he saw me. I was wheelchair bound to now walking with a walker and a hiking stick. He was please with my results of what Geocaching is brought to me. I got to do some caches and going Geocaching, and loved enjoying to be finally outside since cooped up all winter, as winter is very hard for me to get out with the deep snow, it was great to be out again enjoying what nature has to offer us. Wonderful design and makes me smile. Keep On Caching!

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:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:


The forest is always with me! Somewhere in my shoes, trousers or hair, or perhaps a scar somewhere, because it's never long since I've been in the forest. :) May there never be any traces of me in the forest - but plenty of traces of the forest on me. :)

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WOW!!!!!! wht a beautiful coin!!!!!! :) of course I love forest... and I am proud for helping taking out some big fires here in Rhodes, when I was in the army! :)


in these fires.. I had seen bad and sad things but I have also seen the power of nature too!


Well done mystican greenman!! it is an amazing design my friend! :)

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oh wow, i vowed to myself i wouldnt get fanatical about geocoins again on my return back to gc.com but i reallyreallyreally want this coin.


hahahahahahahaha - that's what i said! but i have been pretty good. i have limited space to display so can't go overboard. i have two more plastic stands so when those have coins i am done. really. i promise.

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These are being sent out as mystery coins, rather than being sold? Someone on one of the FB Groups received one. It looks really amazing.

Look up Mystical GreenMan's account in thread. There are 60 of these coins all owned by Mystical GreenMan. They appear to be a gift to lucky individuals. Here's to hoping.

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