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Favorite Photos Taken While Geocaching

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Meet & hike Black Hawk state park,Rock Island,IL.

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A Geocaching Australia Locationless cache GA 1278 - Wind Power. The photo is of a wind farm overlooking Lake George near Canberra on a misty day.



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Another Geocaching Australia Locationless cache GA1438 - Sunrise. I took this photo from 7 Mile Beach south of Shoalhaven Heads. I was walking to a Geocaching Australia traditional cache I'd hidden on Comerong Island, a return distance of 12 kilometres. The cache is now listed with Groundspeak as Comerong GC3Q5H9.



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Allendale Lake Algonquin Bluffs: even on a gloomy, misty morning there is beauty to be found.




Devil's Gap: taken on a hike through the first snowfall of the season.




Brass Cap Cache: foul weather looked to be moving in from the west, but it never actually amounted to anything other than a dramatic backdrop.




Cox Hill - A Cache for Susan: a well placed red pine on one of the final pushes up Cox Hill.



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Ghost 5-5: Walking across the ice on Ghost Lake on a snowy New Year's Eve.

Great shot. And on a 5/5 FTF to boot!

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A fall view from ... Fenn's Pond ... GC62EBF




Fall geocaching in Bethlehem, CT near ... Bellamy-Ferriday : Fine Country Living ... GC5EXED






A fall view near ... Upper Nonnewaug Preserve - Hangin' Around ... GC6X4R6




Skilton Road Bridge was originally built in 1865 as a one lane, dry stone masonry arch bridge over the Skilton Gorge in Watertown, Connecticut. Skilton Road Bridge was added to the National List of Historic Places on December 10, 1991.


Skilton Road Bridge ... GC6WV61




Fall geocaching in Middlebury, CT near ... Tom's Cache ... GC4V1CV







post-18440473-046066400 1483976056_thumb.jpg

post-18440473-011749600 1483976490_thumb.jpg

post-18440473-020670500 1483976654_thumb.jpg

post-18440473-086738900 1483976852_thumb.jpg

post-18440473-013070000 1483977232_thumb.jpg

post-18440473-024924600 1483977285_thumb.jpg

post-18440473-053421300 1483977311_thumb.jpg

post-18440473-039342200 1483977549_thumb.jpg

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I took this about a year ago with my iPhone doing MINER'S LAKE EARTH CACHE (GC1TR39) in Ely, MN. The sun had just come up over the hills on the shore, the snow was sparkling like diamonds.


The pristine snow and ice showed where a lone deer had crossed the lake. The little white spot bugs me, I guess I should figure out how to use a photo editor. (edit to fix link to cache)

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LOVE this thread! I hope to share some of my photos soon. I'm a hiker and photographer first and then became interested in geocaching when I found out about it and I love how it takes me to places I wouldn't have otherwise known about.

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On a normal day,the hang gliders would land a couple minutes later 1,600 feet below, next to the road between Tiger and Squak Mtns.


Stepping off.


But when just the right wind funnels up between Tiger and Squak...

On their way.


they can fly north along the Cascades till the sun goes down.


I just wonder if they have an informal agreement with SeaTac tower. I sort of doubt they carry Mode C transponders or radios for talking to ATC. Those specs, just a few of many that day, passed through KSEA Class B airspace if they got above 5,000 feet.

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We set up camp at a Harris Beach in a Oregon and then went for a panoramic view  at Alien Artifax before a storm came through.  There was something unworldly about what we saw . . .  just a matter of timing.   



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Wow after seing all these pictures I feel like I need to go out and search for more caches and great views like that. They are all stunning pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

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I have so many favorite photos that I've been able to take; but I'll limit myself and just share a few...


GC1DQKZ - The Grinch.jpg

GC1DQKZ - "The Grinch" - British Columbia, CA


GC7BKD3 - A Scenic Floodplain.jpg

GC7BKD3 - "A Scenic Floodplain" - Colorado, USA


GC7YFRC - The Halawa Valley Earthcache.jpg

GC7YFRC - "The Halawa Valley Earthcache" - Hawaii, USA


GC13ER9 - The Maryland All Counties Challenge.jpg

GC13ER9 - "The Maryland All Counties Challenge" - Maryland, USA


GC16YG7 - Island Sanctuary TB Hotel.jpg

GC16YG7 - "Island Sanctuary TB Hotel" - Rhode Island, USA


GC40BGG - Hut Ridge Trail End (McMurdo, Antarctica).jpg

GC40BGG - "Hut Ridge Trail End (McMurdo, Antarctica)" - Antarctica


GC71AHH - Higher Power Times 2X10.jpg

GC17AHH - "Higher Power Times 2x10" - Alaska, USA



I may post a few more later as I go through some old files. Had a great time reliving finding (or placing) these caches as I looked at all my photos! Thanks for letting me re-live some great memories!

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