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Any help identifying this marker:




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This benchmark doesn't seem to be listed in the NGS database, from what I can tell. It 'should' (I think) be part of one of the 'Great Lakes Low Water Datums' listed here...




probably station #9063020, but the data sheets for the Great Lakes stations don't seem to be available online. The homepage for that station is here...




but again, no benchmark information. I'd suggest contacting them at co-ops.userservices@noaa.gov


I should 'disclaim' that this is just what I was able to hunt up and is kinda guesswork, but the peeps at that email address should be able to give a definitive answer.


(edit) Just as an additional note, the 7.5x7.5 USGS topo maps for that area haven't been updated since 1965, so that line is a dead end. The 'new' digital US Topo versions don't show benchmarks.

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