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Garmin 62s - reposition feature scrambles the data fields


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I sent in my 2 year old 62s for a refurbished model and have had the refurb for 6 days. Yesterday I used the Reposition Here feature to get more accurate coords while hiding a cache. When I selected Reposition Here the data field section of the screen scrambled. I tried Reposition Here again and this time it scrambled differently. Has this happened to anyone. Should I be concerned? The same thing happened to my 2 year old 62s, when it was about a 1 year old. See my photos:




2nd time I tried the Reposition Here function, the scrambled area split into 2 parts:




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I use Reposition all the time on my 62s and 62sc and have Never seen this issue. Something is amiss. I go to Waypoint Manager, select the waypoint concerned, and select Reposition Here and it takes me back to the screen you show but with the icon and name I had assigned intact. Maybe try to update the firmware using WebUpdater even if it is the current version.

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hi all


I missing same thing

Can't Find the Reposition feature. on my 62S (ver 5.40)


want step do you do to get to the Reposition feature ?


Mark a waypoint. Select it. Press the Menu button. Choose Reposition Here. It's on the same screen as the Average Location option.

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Maybe try to update the firmware using WebUpdater even if it is the current version.


You were right about updating the firmware. I contacted Garmin who said it was likely a corrupt file and provided me with instruction on how to perform a software update using WebUpdater. WebUpdater was a tough download and at one point it didn't look like it was going to install for me but after a few tries it worked. I've used the 'Reposition Here' feature a few times in the last couple of days with no scrambling. :)

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