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etiquette — can my son try to get travel bug to come home?


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We're new to this: My son just got a travel bug to drop off on an upcoming trip abroad. He'd like to see the travel bug find its way back to our hometown, and hopefully retrieve it after its journey. Is this OK, or is it poor etiquette to try to get your travel bug back at the end? Thanks!

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You might want have a talk with him about a couple of things.


Quantum Physics: All that can happen do including the getting lost in the void and never being seen again.


The current disappearance/misplaced/lost or in possession of someone who won't let it go or has left the hobby.


Just want him to be prepared for all eventualities.

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I have a TB I received through the Christmas card /TB exchange from Baltimore, so the goal I have given it, is to get back to the person who sent me it to me. And another I put put out for my granddaughters is to see if it can come back to them. Mind you at the moment it is hiding somewhere! ;) Haven't heard about it in a couple of years. ;) So good luck to your son's TB and I hope it returns to him. :D

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I have a TB that I take on vacation with a goal of coming back home. I left it in Aruba and 2 weeks later it was in a neighboring state. Then it moved to a town about 45 minutes away. But before I could get there, it moved again halfway across PA. On our way home from VA, we stopped and grabbed it. This year I took it to the Bahamas, but couldn't get to a cache large enough to leave him. This year we are going to Alaska, and I hope to leave him there to find his way home.

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We just did the same thing, on Sunday 6th April we left our little travel bug in a cache near Charleston SC ( East Cooper Plaza )with the aim of seeing how long it would take and by which route to get back to our home town in Kidderminster Worcestershire UK.

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