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Waterproof Android Smartphone

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My Digi-Walker P350 died recently in the non-stop rain in Iceland :-(

I was left with my Moto G phone running C:Geo and frankly it turned out to be a great solution. I'm now looking for a rugged, waterproof android smartphone to use in the field.

Has anyone used one of these:

Fonerange Waterproof Smartphone


Seems like a good product for dedicating to C:Geo?


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I heard the S4 Active is a good rugged android phone.



Here's another one I heard great reviews on.



It looks like a great rugged phone.



And here's a new model of the Moto G.


It's only available in Mexico right now but just a bit of waiting and it should come to your country.


The photos are a bit too big and I can't size them down. Sorry.

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This is a decent pick. Although I would suggest investing in a decent GPS. I use the Garmin eTrex 10 and it's perfect for geocaching and even has Geocaching features.


Thanks for advice.

Over the years I've accumulated two Garmins, two Pocket PCs and three older smart phones which I use fairly regularly but want a modern Android do-it-all solution, especially for travelling abroard. I gave up with basic GPS's because they are too much hardwork and need a computer to use over extended periods. My old Digi-Walker P350 was the best PDA I've come across especially since it only cost £6 off ebay but also needs a computer to load. My old XDA Orbit II is a good caching phone with TomTom, Memory Map and GPSBeeline but the Android Moto G with C:Geo beats them all when abroad because it allows off-line caching complete with OSM mapping, and most places provide free WIFI somewhere to up/download data. The downside of most is their robustness and lack of waterproofing.

I'm not interested in the phones comms performance as it will just be dedicated to geocaching. It just needs to be capable of running C:Geo and not die in the rain.


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Thanks for all the suggestions for waterproof bags etc but I'm not really interested in protecting my Moto G, I'm seeking a replacement for my dead PDA. I've been searching around on MTB forums and came across this option which was recommended for off-road cycling - Haier W718 Waterproof Android 4.2 phone.



I've ordered one from China for £60 including a 16gb SD card post free. Problem is it is likely to take 2 weeks to get here. Oh well I'll have to restrict my caching to dry days in the meantime.


When it arrives, and I get chance to test it, I'll let you know how it goes.



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