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Utilizing Geochche for citizen science

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Hi all good Education and Geocaching people


I am looking into the utilisation of Geocaching in a similar way as is done for EarthCache.

I am thinking of linking sites to activities that educators, leaders and facilitators can incorporate into their programs and add to a community approach to scientific data gathering (Citizen Science).

The focus of these caches would be to provide educational activities and surveys and be more biology and biosphere centered, this does lead to the issues of changing biota in the area and some educational outcomes being compromised.

I however would look at providing physical caches at sites as it would lead to better engagement during off seasons, while aiming to fulfill the objective to promote the activity of geocaching and location-based outdoor play.


I release that there is a focus on non-commercialisation of the Geocaching game and brand, however I also realise that Earthcache is managing some aspects of this, and can link to some external resources.


At this point I am looking for comments and clarification of the limits of the Geocache community to government group involvement. This program is an Australian government driven initiative with links to Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) and Department of Education programs.

Apologies for the long post just trying for clarification, any comments, engagement or clarification is greatly appreciated as I do not want to overstep any boundaries of this fun and fulfilling activity. :)

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