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Coin Test – The down under tour.


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Shadow’s Friend and I are headed down under for Mega OZ 2014. We have heard that Mega OZ is another fun Mega event, so we are going to check it out. This will be the first time for us to visit that region. As some of you who know us, we are kind of event junkies, and caching comes in second, but this time we will be doing some caching. Along with caching we will be trying to see some of the wildlife native to the area.

There will be a number of different cointests during our trip. All coins will be sent after our return.


For the first cointest, you must guess the total number of days that we find a cache on our vacation. As tie breakers also guess the longest streak we will have on this trip.

Winner will be able to choose one Geocoin from our personal coins.


An example of an entry would be:

80 days of caching with a streak of 80 days. (Don’t I Wish?)


Fine Print:

We will not be letting Maya chose the winner.

One entry per person per 24 hour.

Last guess in by April 10, 214

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Hmm I'd guess 21 days with a 10 day streak as long as there are pubs along the way :P


Should we make the number of pubs another cointest?

Yes but we may not want to tell people of the "real" number they may think we have a problem when we know we don't! We just like to "sample" beer don't we? :) So we could call it "The Number of Taste Testings" we did on our holidays B)


I won't take up a second post so my next guess is;

18 days with 12 day streak

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