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Category proposal needed ...

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Hi guys,


Hamburg has been a city republic since 1189 and is nowadays a city federal state, a bit like DC (which isn't a real state but you know what I mean). The executive branch is called "Senate." They brutally fought against piracy: all captured pirates were decapitated by sword in public. Their treasures (mainly silverware) were confiscated and integrated into the official city treasure.


Today, the most valuable pieces are on display in the historic city hall (you can see it as part of the guided tours): picture. The rest (a <edited by moderator> lot of silverware!!) lies in a magazine room just behind the kitchen of city hall: a large room stuffed of cans, plates, coins ... It looks like the treasure in a cave out of those pirate feature films.


I would love to waymark all this. Anyone participating in official guided tours through city hall could take pictures of it. But what category could this fit in? I scrolled through the list but didn't find anything fitting. In Oman, I saw the gold treasure by Sultan Quabos. Should we open up a new category for "official state treasures," I wonder? LOL ...


Cheers, Alex

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Things like this can go to Official Local Tourism Attractions, if it is listed somewhere in a official municipal website.


A State Treasures category is not a bad idea, but I doubt that there are enough of them that are accessible to the public to justify a category on its own. There should be at least a couple of hundred potential locations, preferably in areas with active waymarkers, to have a real chance.

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