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Are pathtags like geocoins?

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Pathtags are a kind of signature items that are left behind in geocaches for other geocachers to find and keep. The person who has found one can build or start building his/her own collection of pathtags that way, but he/she can also take the pathtag to leave it in some other cache later. If you intend to keep it for yourself then you should log it.

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Some geocoins are pathtag carriers via a strong magnet so you get a combination but separately they are completely different as the coins are trackable from cache to cache so the owner can see it's trail or map/route. Pathtags have only one code per design so only the original owner/designer can see where all the tags are on a map of where folks register them (usually their home location).


I have done coins such as the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic where it had a pathtag magnetized upon it. Also the Fire Museum coin and now I am working on a huge gas pump geocoin that will also carry two pathtags (one on each side)

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How do you log it?


According to GC forum rules, discussions here CANNOT include items that do not bear a GC tracking code. These do not.


You can find all your questions answered at the website for these items ... which is 'this item' dot com ... :yikes:

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I found one in a cache recently. I know pathtags and geocoins have differences, but aren't they basically the same thing?


No, they're not the same thing at all.


Geocoins are (mostly) trackable on Groundspeak. Those other things aren't.


Are pathtags used for tracking only or can you keep/collect them?


You would be best off to search out their forum, and ask about them there.


Once again, Google is a good place to start your research.



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