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Caching Meetup

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Hello everyone!


I hope everyone is enjoying the weather were starting to get! Knock on wood it lasts and that pesky white stuff stays away!

I have been on and off geocaching since 2010, my boyfriend had gotten me into it and we were wondering if there is anyone, whether it be a solo cacher, another couple, or another group in the Brampton area that would be interested in getting together when its convenient for all to go out, enjoy the sun, and find some caches!


If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me through here or you can certainly email me at meghine@gmail.com

I hope to hear from you and we're excited to find some smiley's! :) :) :) :)

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Hi Maggie,


I'm new to GeoCaching and will be in Toronto from June 02-13 just basically killing time.

If you find yourself in the city, look me up



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