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Help! Garmin Colorado USB port broke - need to retrieve track


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Hoping someone here has some experience - or at least a great idea - on this. The USB port on my four-year-old Garmin Colorado has been loose for a little while, and transferring data back and forth to my computer has been an exercise in frustration, trying to hold the cord absolutely still in the GPSr with one hand and controlling the computer with the other. Yesterday, after a great day skiing, I wanted to retrieve the track from the Colorado, but it appears my trick won't work any more. The unit will power on when connected to the computer and when the cord is being held in just the right angle. But it seems to me that data transfer now will be impossible over USB.


Is there any way to retrieve this track? I've tried archiving it and getting to it through an ANT+ connection to a dongle on my computer that came with my Garmin heart rate monitor - no luck. I haven't figured out whether there is a way to transfer the track to my SD card, which would make this very easy. Is that a possibility?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is the second Colorado I've owned that I've had to replace because of this exact problem. Thinking of switching to an Oregon 650 later this month when my REI dividend comes through. Does anybody know whether Garmin has figured out the problem with the USB port? I know it was pretty common with the Colorado series, but I don't recall seeing anything about the Oregon series having the same flaw.



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Try a different cable. I always lay mine down do the weight is on the connector holding constant pressure.


Unfortunately tracks only store internally.


You can always take it apart and fix it.

Unfortunately, I have tried a different cable. Also, I have taken it apart, but didn't see a way to get access to either replace or repair the USB port. Thanks for your suggestions.

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