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? about finds.

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Thanks to this forum I was able to download caches onto my recently purchased Garmin 62sc. I was having all kinds of problems with my browser not recognizing the garmin reader. Thanks to the forum I got that fixed and loaded 6 caches and went looking. My kids(me too)had a ball and we found 5 out of 6!


Now my question is can I download the finds off of my gps or do I have to go in and manually enter in my comments and that I found the cache? Thanks.



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Bear and Ragged has showed you how it CAN be done....up for debate whether it SHOULD be done. What I mean is, the 62sc is not really an optimal tool for entering text. So what usually happens is folks just mark it "Found" and just type in Found or TFTC (maybe that's where that annoying trend started) because it's just too clunky typing on a GPS. So they get home, upload their finds, and all their logs are just "Found it" or "TFTC" or just simply "." Most CO's would appreciate a little more....say what you liked (or didn't like) about the cache, how hot it was today, who you were with, something. ...anything. Hearing about your adventure is really the only reward a CO gets for their efforts. Just my $.02, YMMV

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Like others have said it can be done, but should it? I had a conversation with someone who did just that on one of my caches. But the field notes got messed up, and sent something stupid, I think it was half the log and some random letters. So it can go wrong without you knowing it.

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What I did was save it found on the GPS and then jotted notes down on a small notebook. If I download the field notes do I just go back into the cache notes on the computer and edit the notes and type in more detailed info?




When you load your field notes to the site, you are then presented with a page with your logs Founds/DNF's/etc all listed in order.


You have the option of going to the cache page, or going straight to write the log.

If you go to 'Log' you get the option to either post the note as is, OR edit it to something more meaningful, before posting it to the cache page.


Even when I do a quick cache with the phone, I make a Field Note, and save it for later.

Then at home write a decent log.



Plug it in, try it. See what it does.

You can delete things from that page before anyone else sees it, if you decide to not post it! :)

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