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New Geo-Achievement Coin Idea

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I was thinking lately about these Geo-Achievement Coins.

I do like to somethimes do an Geo-Achievement, and then I order the Coin with my name on it and what date/cache I Achievet it on.


Now I know you got many different ones. Like for 100 finds, 5000 finds, 24 caches in 24 hours, 10 hides etc.

The thing I haven't seen is that if you like find 1000 caches. Then if you have 1000 easy traditionals you have found 1000. But if you find 500 traditionals and 250 multi and 250 puzzle you also have 1000.


I think it would be nice if you also get "250 Multi Geocaches found" achievement, or something like that.

Those take longer to achieve then 250 traditionals.


I would like to hear opinions about how other people think about this idea. :)

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Don't forgot to also design a copy tag to go with the pin and coin. My coin addicted geo-partner likes to keep the coin safe for viewing, placing the pin on her purse to display and the copy tag to travel to let the world know of her accomplishments ... oh, and keep the price around $10-12 pleeeeeeez ... :D

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All the Geo-Achievement Coins are (I think) from CoinsAndPins.com right?

I would't start making my own Geo-Achievement Coins, but maybe I can give them an idea for new Achievements. :)


Yes, great idea! And don't forget to design matching lapel pins to go with them. Other Geo-Achievement geocoins have them too, it is great to wear such a pin on your jacket or hat and ..... I collect geocaching pins :P


I do that too, on my backpack.

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