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Anticipating the first adventure

The OceanEyed Bandit
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Geocaching has made its way to my attention a long month or two ago. I've been anticipating a few caches around my quaint hometown in Ohio. The frigid winters prove adverse to my asthmatic lungs, so I have no choice but to retreat indoors and watch the snow kiss the ground all winter. We are warming up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend. Armed with just the Geocaching app on my phone, I'm thinking of curing my cabin fever by investigating the site of a cache that I've been spying the past month.


Any thoughts or comments on this? How was your first cache? All input is welcome.

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Our first was a cache owned by a policeman in our then hometown. While we were signing, trading, etc., one of his brethren rolled up and spotlighted us, then began asking questions. Once he figured out that we were playing a game, and not vandalizing the adjacent construction company property, all was good, and we laughed about it together.




Good luck!

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My first find was also the largest geocache I've found yet. It was a plastic footlocker lowered into a redwood stump. The stump was on the downhill side of the trail, which put the top of the stump at the level of the trail. The group I was in (one experienced geocacher leading several of us newbies) then went on to find three more geocaches that afternoon.

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My first find was a magnetic key box on the underside of a tower support cable. My best friend had purchased a GPS on Black Friday, 2011. We were sitting at a local pizzeria the next day and he was talking about this new thing he had gotten into. I whipped out my smartphone and dropped $10 on the offical Android app right on the spot. (The only app I've ever paid more than $1.99 for, and worth every penny). I created an account, logged on, and found that there was a cache in the very parking lot of our favorite pizza joint. My log that day, "Easy way to start a new hobby" was brief (and failed to thank the cache owner- oops). Despite the simple nature of the cache I found, I was fascinated as I quickly learned that these things are ALL over the place.

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