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Garmin Basecamp Mobile

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I use a Garmin eTrex 20. - mainly because it's small enough to double a bicycling computer and it's rugged.


Some newer Garmin models have Bluetooth and - I may have this part wrong - the ability to exchange data with iOS devices using Garmin Basecamp app. Has anyone used this to exchange GPX files and detailed maps between an iPhone/iPad and one of these newer Garmin models? That might convince me to upgrade.

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Yes, I re-download it and look at the updates from time to time. It does look like "adventures" can be copied between iOS device and Garmins cloud service and presumably from the iOS device to an appropriate model GPS. Was inquiring here to see if any one had used this for geocaching.


This upload http://adventures.garmin.com/en-US/by/wyokid/powell-butte/#.UxN3L5K9KSM sure looks like it.

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Are you happy with your eTrex 20? If so, just keep it. I'm pretty sure you can connect via USB cable to your iPhone or iPad to exchange gpx files. Maps should be pre-loaded from a proper computer ahead of your trip. Save the $400+ you'd spend on a new GPS and put it toward gas, food, lodging, airfare, bike maintenance or other travel expenses.

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Mineral2, I am happy with my eTrex and have more than one way of exchanging data with it. But here I am specifically looking for people who have ctually used newer models with Basecamp Mobile to get their impressions of it, to see if it's any better, more covenient than my current workflow.

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I've used the new BaseCamp mobile (v3) to seamlessly upload data from a field type setting. I was out collecting waypoint and tracklog data that I needed for work. I was able to immediately upload all of my data from my Oregon 650t first to my iPhone and then directly to the Garmin cloud. Even if I lost my GPS or got it stolen on the way back to the office the data was safely on the cloud. No need to even take the GPS into work since the data was waiting for me on my computer (in BaseCamp) in the office.


I was also able to instantly email someone a waypoint GPX from the field. That person, working in another valley, was able to open and view that waypoint in the BaseCamp Mobile app's map which uses aerial imagery.


This is a game-changer for me since I can be just about anywhere and text my wife a waypoint of my location with a note like "I'm fine, be home soon". Of course the caveat is that you need cell phone reception.


There is a "Live Tracking" feature coming for the 64 and Oregon 6xx series. This will allow anyone you invite to track you real-time. A very nice feature almost like SPOT only cell-phone dependent.


The only disappointment was that you can't do the same with photos taken on the GPS unit. I'm not sure why but the Garmin cloud gives each user 150 MB of storage capacity. What's the difference between 150 MB of waypoints and 150 MB of photos?


You can however send (email, text) photos already on the cloud that were uploaded through BaseCamp for Desktop.


My 2c

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Yogazoo, thanks for the info. That covers a lot of the GPS -> iThing -> Cloud transfers. How is it going the other way? Like I have a GPX file from gc.com or elsewhere on my iPad and I want to load it onto the GPS. Do-able? Easy, hard?


It is easy to transfer GPX files as waypoints which in some circumstances might be enough. I have not found a way to load everything in a GPX file with a single click, but perhaps I missed it, since the waypoint alone was not what I was looking to do.


I garmin added the ability to load GPX files as caches, with the paperless information and support for field notes, it would be a great app.

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I am hoping that if enough people complain to Garmin, they will provide a means to use the app to transfer the gpx file straight into the unit. Or at least have a "select all" option for the waypoints.


As it stands, it provides as much or more information than I used to have on my old Meridian or 60csx - cache location, owner, D/T rating, and an icon that is different from the standard waypoint flag. Perhaps I have become spoiled by all the paperless functions with caching apps or the gpsr caching features.

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So the GPS doesn't just take GPX files "as is" and just do the right thing? Some kind of limitation or filtering in BCM?


What is interesting is that BCM does seem to allow you to use it as an "Open With..." target for GPX files. Which would be nice if it actually worked correctly.


For example, I have a couple other GPS tools which allow you to share tracks made within the app via e-mail, etc... or perhaps I receive one via e-mail. I can clearly open it in BCM from that app, or from the e-mail. However, once BCM is open, it seems to ignore the route, and not know how to import it to the cloud, which is frustrating. I haven't tried it while connected to an Oregon 600 though.


The key take-away here is that BCM is currently a good way to move data between Garmin's cloud service, and the device while in the field. It also has a couple options for exporting data from BCM out to e-mail and the like. Importing data from random sources needs a bit more work.


But for example, if you are like me and plan trips using BC on the desktop, it's actually quite handy as a way to remove the need to copy planned routes over USB. It is a few bugs/features away from being indispensable to the hiker. I'd love to see them use iOS 7 background updates for example, as a way to push data to the phone so a track is there to be copied to the device while I'm in the field, but away from a cell tower.


Unfortunately, I haven't done much with the caching side, but it doesn't seem as useful there, especially with the bug around importing of gpx files, and the lack of select all as the other poster mentioned.

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