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Oregon 550t, found caches file and mini SD card

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When I mark a cache found on my GPS, is it listed on the computer under geocache_logs (XML) or geocache_visits (text document)? Say I find a bunch of caches over the course of the day and they are all marked as found in my GPS, how do I tell my unit to save that file on the mini SD card instead of on the memory of the GPS? Assuming I can figure out how to do that, can I then put that mini SD card into my Asus Transformer tablet and somehow send the found logs to be published on geocaching.com? I don't want to submit them as field notes, I want to submit them as boring "found it" logs (with the intention of going back and writing something long and nice on the first cache in the series). I know how to do this on GSAK and I tried to learn GDAK but I'm hopelessly confused and frustrated. Is there another Android-friendly method? Thank you.

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Field notes problem. I am no longer able to upload my field notes from my Oregon 550T to my computer. I have done this hundreds of times without a glitch. I browse to the visits file on the gpsr and select Garmin. (Sometimes I uncheck the box regarding dates to "publish before" depending on my needs) When I click on the upload button the page automatically goes back to the screen with DeLorme selected and asks me to browse to the visits file again and again. No files have been loaded to my field notes. I know they have been marked as found in the gpsr. I was able to copy the visits file to the desktop, in notepad, but the format is goofey and barely readable. It feels as though notepad is the default but that text file does not show as a list, in column format, like it used to.

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