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...draw a line on the map between coordinates?

J Grouchy
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I've used the gpsvisualizer site for mapping radius rings and bearings, but now I'm trying to draw lines between two pairs of coordinates and obtain coordinates for the intersection of these two lines. Anyone know a tool out there that does this? Seems like it ought to be a simple matter, but for the life of me I can't see a way to do this.


(I know it's likely this is a very stupid question)

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Google? Doesn't Google Maps/Earth show the co-ords of wherever the cursor is? Or you could go to the location and take a GPS reading. Of course this would only work if the lines ended up being at the northwest corner of 12th ave, and 2nd st, or in the south corner of the parking lot, for example. Wouldn't do much good in the middle of nowhere.

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Do you really want to see it on a map or do you just want the coordinates, perhaps to solve a puzzle? If the latter, it is a very simple algebra problem that can easily be found by Googling something like "formula line intersection." If you decide to go the math route, you can just ignore the degrees and use minutes*1000 if you want to make the math a little simpler. All you are really doing is using the start point and slope of each line and setting them equal, which would be they cross point. Solve the equation and your are done.


Obviously disregard all this if you want to do it graphically.

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