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Garmin Oregon 550 and RAM Cradle

Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide
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Since we bought a Garmin Montana, this has had very little use so it's time to sell it. It is in perfect shape, and hasn't a scratch on it.




The gps is excellent for Geocaching, or navigating, if you load the right kind of maps. You can load City Navigator North America, Topo Canada, Enhanced Basemaps, whatever you want, on a Micro SD card. No maps or sd card is included in this sale. The gps is fast to acquire signal and display maps, and is very accurate.


The onboard camera takes reasonable pictures which are geotagged, and are saved as waypoints. A Smartphone camera takes better pictures, but it's usually not waterproof like the Oregon.


Includes everything it originally came with except the Garmin rechargeable Ni Mh (corrected ad - thought these were Ni Cad) batteries which were worn out, and have been recycled. We usually use this with Lithium batteries so it works in very cold temperatures. Alkalines and Ni Cads do not work for long in low temperatures.


Has been updated to the latest firmware, version 6.60.


Included in this sale is the Oregon 550, a usb cable, the battery charger, and the original literature it came with. Also includes a RAM plastic cradle, and a soft case with lanyard.


This is in Canada, near Ottawa Ontario. Prefer a local or near local buyer but willing to ship at buyers' cost.


Asking $200. Send email if interested.

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