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Hey Chicago, Need Your Help


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A group Of Cleveland area cachers is planning on making our way over to Chicago in April for a weekend of caching. We're looking for some advice.


I've seen the cluster of caches in Busse Woods. We'll make that a "must do". Are there any other areas with good concentrations? Are there any caches you would recommend as the type that we must visit on the trip? We'll have all day Saturday and Sunday.


I'll be honest, our goal is two-fold. We're after numbers but we want an enjoyable experience. My traveling companions left it to me to set the route. I'm not a big fan of virtuals so I'm more interested in traditional caches.


Thanks for the help in advance.


Now where did I park my car??????? monkes.gif

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We were just talking about this in our Chicago Yahoo Group. There's another even more dense cluster of caches in the Orland Park/Midlothian area called Bremen Woods (on the topo maps anyway). Start searching on a radius around Johnny Cache. The contiguous cluster of forest preserves is about 2 miles N/S by 3 miles E/W and contains at least 30-35 caches.


There's gorgeous scenery and a really good level four terrain cache (Shelob's Lair (Two Towers)).


Check out the Chicago Geocaching site and go to the favorites section and scope around.


If you have any more specific questions, please ask! We'd love to help - or e-mail me and I'll help out or at least put you in touch with someone else who can help directly.


Good luck - and I'll probably see your logs!



Chicago Geocaching

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