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A Director of Tourism in Australia contacted the “Oz Mega Committee” at the end of last year eager for us to hold a Mega Event in his state. Easter 2017 was identified as the best time and in conjunction with local caching teams the Committee is now in the process of gathering information to ascertain the viability of the location.


The Committee will be onsite on Saturday May 31st to Sunday June 1st to inspect the grandstand, grounds, powered sites and other places of significance in the region, at which time a final decision will be made. Team Crackers have previously conducted a full fireworks show at this location and fully endorse the complex.


If the event gets the 'go ahead' http://www.geostuff.com.au/ has confirmed he will be a Diamond Sponsor.


An announcement with more details will be made via social media and Geocaching Australia forums on Friday at 8 pm.





Oz Mega Committee

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2017 PLANNED MEGA EVENT - ALICE SPRINGS-NORTHERN TERRITORYThe Oz Mega Committee would like to announce that the proposed location for the Mega Event, Easter 2017 is Blatherskite Park, Alice Springs, Northern Territory.


Alice Springs has much to offer as a caching destination - an April average daily temperature of 27 °C, surrounded by areas of natural beauty with a growing local geocaching community and increasing density of caches plus support from NT Tourism.


Blatherskite Park is well suited to a large geocaching event with 55 acres of flat, fenced, grassed areas, a 400 seat grandstand, overhead lighting and powered site facilities to accommodate catering and stallholders. With low cost registration, budget camping fees and onsite meals available this will be an opportunity to experience a Red Centre geocaching holiday at family friendly prices. For those who prefer not to camp, accommodation options in Alice Springs are comparable with other similar Australian towns.


The Committee in conjunction with Tourism NT will be making a final decision in the last week of May but in the meantime would like to hear about the experiences of anyone who has recently camped in Blatherskite Park or cached in the Alice Springs region.


We have produced a video showcasing the many highlights of Blatherskite Park, Alice Springs, Uluru and other caching locations nearby.





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