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Any geocachers in North Central Illinois?


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Wow - I did a search on the caches within a radius of Princeton, and came up with very few caches in the immediate vicinity (in comparison to other areas).


I would suggest starting off by contacting a few of the cache placers in that area.


Some of the user names that seem to be from that area:


knot_lost (I know he's in the Ottawa area)




Those names seem to have caches hidden in that area, and also have some finds in the general vicinity.



Chicago Geocaching

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I sent her an email late last night volunteering my help. As of right now I have not herd from her. If she would like my help I am more than happy to help any why I can. I even offered to go and look for a few caches with her if she wanted. I will wait and see if she e-mails me back. Thanks for the help guys.

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