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Best (most fun/challenging) caches in the Midwest


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What is the most memorable cache you've done to date? What makes it special?


I'm looking for responses detailing especially challenging, fun, or scenic caches. Ones that would be worth a several hour drive for someone to find.


I've seen some interesting responses from other regions that make me want to take long road trips, so hopefully this will help me and others find ones that would make for great day trips. icon_smile.gif


My favorite so far (which I've yet to complete) unfortunately is in California, so I'm going to hold off on answering for now. I love ones that have a theme, make you wander all over the place, on long hikes through beautiful surroundings, and make you think.





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I've only gotten as far as the 1st 2 legs (hit it on vacation en route...), but Craftily Concealed Containers by The Warm Fuzzies was a challenging one to work on. Too bad I don't have plans to go to Ft.Wayne anytime soon to try and finish it off...


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One that I began just recently but couldn't finish due to the current conditions (just see my log to get an idea) is scooterj's "HillsDevil's Triangle" cache. I slated it for find #100, but was shot down soundly (not by the cache).


I highly recommend waiting for colder weather to search this one out, and definitely plan on going back if we're still in the KC area come fall/winter!

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I realize that the amount of travel is outside your several hour drive limit, but still, the top cache has to be The Journal in mid-Illinois. Read some of the write-ups and you'll get a sense of the fun and challenge that is involved in this cache. You should note that several of the cache logs are for folks with less then 100 logs ... at least less then 100 when they completed this cache. One couple completed it in one day ... they are trail runners. The rest of us took several days and several miles to complete it.





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In Michigan I nominate Soy-Based Biodegradeable Pixie Dust. You could probably spend a weekend working on that one.


Nature's Wonders by Aardvark-mi is great as well. Ingeniuos use of nature icon_smile.gif


I like Dinoprophet's "Higher Education" one as well.



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Originally posted by Squirrel Nut:

I've only gotten as far as the 1st 2 legs (hit it on vacation en route...), but Craftily Concealed Containers by The Warm Fuzzies was a challenging one to work on. Too bad I don't have plans to go to Ft.Wayne anytime soon to try and finish it off...

And it's easier than Perfectly Perplexing Puzzles, by those same twisted people. (Well, actually, Warm doesn't admit to any involvement with either cache...) Also worth a look if you find yourself in Fort Wayne is Earthling Vector Perelandra.


None of those take you anywhere particularly breathtaking, though. They're just challenging.



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I'm going to have to second regoarrarr's motion on Mario's Tower... So far we've made approximately seven trips to the area (at a round trip of 50 miles a trip) and only logged four of the thirteen stages. We're planning on kidnapping regoarrarr at the next group meeting and torturing him until he gives up the next stage's coordinates. icon_wink.gif

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If you like puzzles, here are a few:





All have gotten good reviews for puzzlers. Since they are mine, I will say no more icon_smile.gif


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Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure II!!!. The whole thing is great, but part four is especially devious. IMO, it's more fun than last year's (which was also great). It's heartening when a major park is not only accepting of geocaching but willing to take it on themselves, and then to take it to this level!


If I may quote a visiting New Jersey cacher's log:

If you live within 100 miles of this cache and don't try it, then you should have your GPS commandeered!



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Perfectly Perplexing Puzzles was GREAT fun. We teamed up with my sister and her son and it still took a month to finish. And we were FIRST FINDERS!!! Unfortunately a killer work schedule (and the hour+ drive to Ft. Wayne) has kept us from tackling CCC and/or EV Perelandra. One of these days...


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We have several nice caches in Mid Missouri (just two hours away). I think you've been to some of them.


And, not to toot my own horn, but one of the caches I hid is one of my favorites are far as exploring/scenery/location is 'Of Bluffs and Bridges' http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=69220 Several other cachers have remarked that it's one of ther favorites in Mid-Missouri.


Of course, there are plenty other cool caches, with more added weekly. If you really like the scenery type ones, I also reccommend The Rural Missouri Cache at Painted Rock http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=62660 (about 20 miles south of Bluffs and Bridges)


If you really want a challenging multi, check out the Great Columbian Multicache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=41045 it takes at least a day.


I hope that helps...



Columbia, MO

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