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Garmin Nuvi 1450 won't detect power in car


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Garmin Nuvi 1450. I've left my Nuvi in the car this winter and we've had extremely cold temperatures, -10F before windchill at times. When I plug in the Garmin auto adapter into my car, the adaptor light comes on, but the Nuvi thinks it's connected to a PC and gives me the green bar, and then the PC icon with a black screen. It was working fine last week.


Is there any hope for this? It's not really worth it to repair it since I can get something comparable for $100.


But I bought a new non-Garmin adapter which had the same mini-USB adaptor and provided 5vdc and the Nuvi still didn't work.


Is there anything I can try to get it to work in my car?

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Try Perform the Hard Reset:


*Note that this will clear all user selected settings on the unit


Power the unit off.

Remove the battery and wait several minutes.

Install the battery.

Press and hold (and continue to hold) the bottom-right corner of the screen while powering the unit on.

Continue to hold the screen until the "Do you want to erase all user data?" prompt appears.

Press "yes" and the unit will reboot. This resets all your location settings and user preferences.


If possible after the hard reset, let the unit sit outdoors in the open for about 30 minutes or so to let the unit re-acquire the satellite almanac data.


You have now performed a hard reset of your Garmin Nuvi 1450 series GPS unit.


I hope that helps.

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This happened to my NUVI, (it's lower end one). When it happened I searched the internet and found that the power cord was failing. It's not getting enough power to the unit, that's why it thinks it's connected to the computer. You can buy a new one from amazon pretty cheaply.

Our nüvi 1450 was not powering up. We got a new cord at Best Buy for a reasonable price, and it has been working properly since. But it was not having the OP's problems.

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Are you using a Garmin or third party usb cable?


My Nuvi 750 does this with a third party auto adapter. I learned that after it completes going into computer/data mode, unplug the cable and wait until it restarts and displays, "Loading Maps", then plug the cable back in and it will start normally.

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