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How to Map a Trackable on my RV

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There is no location directly associated with a traveler. The location comes when it is placed or visits a known location I.e. Cache or event. So a discovered can't be tracked by location.

I was so disappointed when I realized someone discovering a car tag wouldn't be able to attach coordinates to the log. I was thinking of getting a TB for my car, but this makes it pointless to me.


You could try encouraging people to grab the TB and have it visit one of the caches that brought them to the area or something. But I think most vehicle TB owners just do this for themselves if that's what they want. It doesn't really matter where others discovered it because it will be very rare for anyone to discover it except for places you know it will be discovered, such as when you're there to point it out to them or when you park it near an event. I've been caching almost 4 years, and I've spotted exactly one car TB by chance.

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