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Multiple Missing TB's being logged as Discovered?

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A few weeks ago, someone from Germany discovered a travel bug of mine that has been missing for 5 years. When I asked them about it, apparently there is a "picture" of it.


and just today someone from Germany discovered 3 of my travel bugs that also have been missing for years. Apparently there is a list of travel bugs that haven't been discovered?? I am waiting on feedback from the user to determine where they found this list.


Has anyone hear of such a thing?

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I asked "familiejansen" why he logged them and they replied it was in error. But then they logged two more of my travel bugs. It looks like they have already logged 3,000 trackables, lol. I'd bet they are mining for the Travel Bug icons.


Any word from Groundspeak on this practice or is it business as usual?

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That same group, familiejansen, logged 3 of my bugs and 2 of them were long gone by the time they first started caching. I deleted all of their logs from those bugs. I just don't get the point of logging bugs you haven't seen. I know the game is played many different ways and by everyones' own personal rules and principles but really, what is their point here.

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