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Metrodome Catch. Vikings tickets in cache?

Ranger Boy
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Do you think it is a good idea to put event tickets in a cache? Would people find them in time to go?

If any geocachers in or near Minnesota want to take a break from caching and watch Randy Moss do some catching, let me know. I got extra tickets for most games. Including the August ones coming up 8/8 + 8/28. prkrngrtim@yahoo.com icon_eek.gif

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The ones for August 8 might be a little close. I can't speak for caches in your area, but I know most of the ones around me really see a decline in hits after a couple of weeks. Most active cachers find them within the first couple of weeks. Then after that, they tend to get hit by new folks (which hasn't been that many) or those who don't live on the site watching for new caches. icon_biggrin.gif


I've seen tickets in caches around here before, for events that have long since expired. I'm not sure though if they were left for the next person to take and go to the event, or if someone was just leaving the stubs after the event.


So I guess what I'm saying in a long winded, round about way is that it's up to you. icon_razz.gif Me personally, if I happened to see that you had dropped those tickets in a cache, I'd pick 'em up. I tend to read logs for caches I've already found, and look at the new one in the area sometimes. So chances are I probably wouldn't see it in time, or someone would already scoop them up. I think that if there was a decent amount of time (3-4 weeks) between placing them in a cache, and the event...and if you make it known in your log that you have left the tickets, then they will probably be put to use.


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