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How do I keep it fresh?

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We have been running a Geocaching club for several years now, and am finding it hard to come up with stuff to keep the meetings interesting. After you do all the normal stuff (i.e. How to hide, how to find, solving puzzles, etc) where do you other club leaders go to get ideas or material to keep 'em coming back?

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I'd say you are going about it all wrong. Yes it's fine to have a how to, or a geocaching 101, but does that really benefit the regular geocachers? If you are going to do that, do it to attract new players. Maybe at the public library or something else like that.


When I started geocaching, we had been experiencing a boom so to speak. Lots of cache hides, at least every other week. Lots of events. But now our focus has become on attracting other cachers from out of town. Some power trails and geo-art. Focusing on how to make our annual event bigger and better. We are a non profit club so we are fundraising to have our own coin.


It doesn't all have to be about just having fun together. Reach out to the new geocachers, make up some cool geocaches for others, do something to attract other geocachers to come to your city. It's not just about geocaching, attracting others from out of city brings money into the local economy, maybe little at first. But what about when you reach mega status-500 people in for a weekend is nothing to blink at. You're doing something good for your city, for other geocachers, and for yourselves.

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Couple Ideas off the top of my head:


1. Start going on Geocaching adventures (Take club members caching and find 4-5 caches)

2. After several Geocache adventures have a Geocach making session or sessions where the club finds a spot for a geocach and then builds a cache created for that spot.


3. Hold a Creative Geocache Container event where members bring in their own creatins based on a theme and have a vote or selection to see who makes the best 1


4. Set up temp geo trails at your meeting location and have the club find the caches, making them harder each meeting or so.


Have the club create a Geo Event or Cito event. Possibly creating a multi-year plan to see if they can get it to Mega Event Status?

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Thank you both for your input. T.D.M.22, I believe you missed the point. The how-to's and Geocaching 101 are for separate classes when we can. I was asking about the monthly meetings. Meeting places are not a problem, as several businesses in town welcome us an we can use their meeting rooms. Power Trails & Geo-Art we already have, but that's a one-off at a meeting (i.e. once you mention it there's no reason to mention it again unless it changes or new cachers come).


Yuma4 we already set up and go on Geocaching adventures, and have been for several years. It's hard to schedule something that everyone can attend, so we do it on different days of the week depending on personal schedules. The creative Geocache container is a terrific idea! and I will be stealing that, as that is exactly the thing I was looking for to give the meeting a little pizazz. The CITO event this year will be our 5th annual, but it depends on weather as to how many show up. Here in Texas, April can either be snow filled or over 95 degrees, but we do it anyway regardless (although on hot days we start a lot earlier lol).


I'm setting up a "Log of the Month" award which I'll unveil at the meeting in March, hoping it'll draw some interest and get some of the cachers to share more of their caching experiences instead of just a TFTC. I've been running the meetings since 2009 (off & on, depending on my work schedule) and I was just looking for things that would appeal to the great varied range of Cacher types we have here.


Also I'm curious about any other caching club leaders out there - how long have you been doing it, how many come, etc., to gauge how we are doing here. Thanks again for your time and info!

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